Our Philosophy


Why we do what we do!

Traveling is like living a dream, the senses exercised, the muscles  flexed and the mind exhilarated, and a bunch of experiences latched into  the memory lane. We, those who have experienced the true nature of  travel, lose interest in touristy trips, hopping from places to places, taking  nothing back home except a bunch of trophy photographs, while looking at  the nomadic way of travel with gleamy eyes. We do  crave to live in the woods, may be just for a day, swim in open waters,  roam around the wild flowers, talk to the locals, understand their  culture, relish their cuisine, celebrate a festival in their ways, the  list is endless. But, let's agree, it's not that straightforward. We  have mastered urban lifestyle and are a slave to it. While some dare to  break out of this cozy lifestyle and comfort zone to venture out and  experience Nature and cultures in all their glory, most of us can't.  This is where we come in, curating experiences for you as close as it  can be to living in the place while taking care that you do not fret  over the basic comforts that you are used to.

The Bootstrap  Journeys is all about creating experiences. Experiences that are  intended to remodel the way you look at life and people. We believe that  us, the bipods, are meant to move around, not stay stuck in one place  or at one theme of life. We are meant to travel, experience, adapt and  evolve. A simple journey out of your comfort zone will teach you so many  subtle things that you will not come across in the best universities  and schools of the world. To us, travel is like enrolling into a school,  the school of life, where one learns through actions and observations,  by mountains and beaches, by departures and arrivals, by hellos and  goodbyes!

The richest experiences are not always exuberant in  terms of money. Yes, money does matter but only to a limit. Once you  have made sure that the basics are taken care of, it’s all about how you  get involved with your muse, your journey. We are here to make sure  that each journey you set out on with us brings to you something that  you have never experienced before in the same way, and of course in a  pocket friendly way, because we want you to travel more and more and  more, with us :-)