About us


Who we are

We, The Bootstrap Journeys are a travel venture. We design and conduct  experience based travel with an intent to ensure our fellow travelers  get as close to the soul of their destination as possible, absorbing the  place in it's most untouched forms. We believe this way of traveling is  natural and very respectful towards the journeys we set on. Our  philosophy is, the less intrusive us travelers are, the more we take  from our journeys and we do our part in protecting the genuineness and  integrity of our beloved traveling destinations.  

The people behind the curtains are a group of happy-go-lucky people who have a knack for looking out for the most awesome experiences out there around us. Some of us have spent more than a decade traveling the Indian subcontinent and have experienced spectacular journeys and destinations. We believe in 'The more, the merrier.' philosophy and invite you to join us on our next adventure.

What's in store

Well! You are most welcome to join us on our upcoming adventures. But again, If you have a location, a duration and a group sorted,  or may be not, get in touch with us for free suggestions and an awesome itinerary. Feeling lazy or are too busy to etch the details for your trip. Talk to us. Yes, you heard it right, we will chalk out the details for you and make them happen. 

Be a responsible traveller

Well goes without saying, let the place be the same, if not better after you were there. Traveling is as much outside than is inside. Keep the atmosphere, both inner and outer, healthy, receptive and clean!